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The First Line in Health Security

Protect your workforce, customers or community with advanced feverscreening technology.

About Feverscreening

Front line mass screening along with other containment initiatives is one of the first lines of defense in helping reduce transmission rates in global pandemics.

Medical temperature detection technology provided by the Meditherm 520 Systems has been used successfully over the past decade in the fight against SARS, Covid-19
, Avian Flu
 and in other epidemic screening applications that depend on accurate and sensitive threshold temperature alarm screening. 

Medical grade thermal imaging helps airports, offices, businesses, factories and other organizations avoid disruption by rapidly screening individuals for abnormal skin temperature as they enter a building, or pass through a screening area.  As fever can be a sign of contagion any person displaying an abnormal temperature can be stopped for second level clinical evaluation.

Including fever screening as part of a comprehensive health security strategy can help to maintain the health and well-being of staff, travelers and customers. 

About Meditherm

Meditherm has been designing, manufacturing and distributing high performance, digital infrared thermal imaging technologies for over two decades.

Renowned for their build quality and reliability the IRIS 520 Systems were widely used during the SARS and other pandemic outbreaks and continue to bring innovative imaging solutions to the market to support health security applications.

"High definition systems allow rapid screening of large volumes of people and intelligent algorithms support more accurate data processing."


Meditherm IRIS 520 Systems

The 520 Systems offer a turn-key package for fast, easy deployment.  Intelligent software and high portability  delivers efficient screening with the minimum inconvenience.

  • Realtime screening eliminates the need for queues
  • Auto-calibration updates allow for systems to run unattended
  • Exclusion areas can be configured on systems to run in close proximity to metal detectors
  • Replay settings with time and date stamp for accurate tracking and reference
  • Portable. Can be moved between screening points and setup in less than three minutes
  • Unique artificial intelligence software learns and updates sensitivity
  • Visual and audible alarms permit fast identification of source of alarm

Temperature Screening Applications

  • Epidemic/Pandemic screening, SARS, Covid-19, Ebola etc.
  • Corporate health security screening to reduce downtime during disease outbreaks and seasonal flu contagions
  • Automated threshold temperature alarms for points of entry locations
  • Compliance with containment regulations in public places


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