Temperature Screening for Travelers

Fever Screening Travelers
Fever Screening in the containment of pandemic outbreaks of Ebola, MERS-CoV, H5N1 (Avian Flu) and SARS

meditherm_520_system_with_sThe Meditherm temperature screening system is a turn-key package. It includes the Meditherm real-time Radiometric IR camera, Camera stand, Computer, Software, and Touch-screen Flat Panel user interface/screen. The system monitors temperatures, displays thermal images and has an adjustable temperature threshold to provide an alarm when a temperature exceeds the chosen threshold. The camera operates at real-time update rates, and displays images in color on a flat panel display. Temperature resolution is <0.25°C. Ambient temperature compensation assures readings are accurate as room temperatures change. The system is totally portable, compact, rugged, and is designed to operate 24/7. If needed, a weatherproof option is available. The touch-screen interface assures non-technical users can quickly learn to operate the system.

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The Temperature Screening System offers
a number of benefits.
Real time screening eliminates the need for queues.
Simple user interface allows anyone to quickly become proficient at operating the system.
Visual and audible alarms permit fast identification of source of alarm.
Stable calibration over ambient temperature changes ensures excellent measurement repeatability.
Selectable alarm threshold provides measurement flexibility.


af_2Medical Temperature Detection Applications:
  • SARS / Avian Flu / Epidemic screening
  • Temperature screening
  • Threshold Temperature detection
  • Temperature Alarm applications





Open the Program… af_3











Set the Threshold Temperature












Adjust for regional Influences (Normals)














Setup is very quick and easy and can be handled by any designated operator with the minimum of training.






A well chosen ‘choke’ point allows minimum inconvenience to travelers while ensuring that everyone. is adequately screened





Simple software processing of accurate and sensitive temperature measurement.







Totally portable…

Can be moved between screening points and setup in less than 3 minutes.













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